Collection: UBooty or Bbl cushion with Detachable Back Support

UBooty pillow is moderate support Bbl cushion is maximum support . Both pillows and back support contain high quality upholstery foam  and poly fill. Fade, Stain fade and water resistant with  Velcro attachments. We offer our maximum support bbl cushion with non slip bottoms in a 4 inch height for weight 150lbs or less, 5 inch height up to 180lbs, and a 5.5 inch for over 180lbs. Designed for comfort and durability!
UBooty or Bbl cushion with Detachable Back Support


How fast is shipping ?

1-2 bussines day proccessing +

1. The XL lounger ships 2-3 business days.

2. Bootykanoe ships 2-6 business days.

3 BBL pillows 2-4 business days.

4.Ubooty pillows 2-6 business days.

Where do i get the beanbag filling for the XL LOUNGER ?

What is the difference between UBOOTY pillow & the BBL cushion?

The 2 main differences is support and shape, the Ubooty offers moderate support & the BBL cushion offers maximum support.

What does it mean that your products are patent?

This means that BOOTYBEANBAG is the original designers of the patented products and are the only ones with legal rights to sell these products in the U.S.A, all other companies selling with out our consent are in violation.

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